Still from trailer for Little Friends – Jane Shemilt
Still from trailer for Little Friends – Jane Shemilt

New Trailer for Little Friends

I am delighted to introduce the video trailer for Little Friends.

Films have been inspirational to me as a writer – watching how actors convey character with great subtlety has taught me a lot; as I write I often visualise faces and scenes or settings as if watching a film, allowing them to exist vividly in my mind’s eye in this way helps me capture the essence of a story for my readers.

I am delighted that you will see my characters come to life in this trailer if only for a few seconds. These brief scenes convey the tension of the novel and it’s many layers. The glittering surface of families at play, as frothy and transient as the waves on that beach are followed by darker images that hint at the menace and tragedy to come.

As you read Little Friends, I think you’ll experience that same creeping sense of unease; I hope you enjoy the process as the twists and turns in the plot carry you towards the finale and the answers to the questions raised in this thrilling little trailer.

Little Friends is published on 20th February 2020 and is available to order through Amazon and Waterstones on line. It will also be available in many Waterstones stores and independent bookshops.

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New Trailer for Little Friends

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My new novel Little Friends comes to life in a thrilling video trailer.

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